Announcing Ninja Fantasy Trader

Announcing one of the first financial games in the metaverse: Ninja Fantasy Trader. Ninja Fantasy Trader is a gamified Finance (GameFi) blockchain-based game and trading platform that is about to hit the world by storm.

CEO Ariel Eduardo Morales, who is based in the capital of the American crypto industry — Miami, Florida, is excited to bring a product to market that won’t just be another crypto. Ninja Fantasy Trader aims to be a leading metaverse and GameFi platform that will bring a new and better user experience for gamers and traders. It will also open up a world of possibility for beginners.

The Global Market Backdrop

Ninja Fantasy Trader seeks to take advantage of “the perfect storm”, where a series of market factors make a platform like this one ideal.

First let’s look at blockchain investments, such as crypto and NFTs.

Blockchain has taken the world by storm. In the past two years, investors and traders have tapped into the power of this new technology.

Applied to finance, a new level of financial independence has been experienced by millions in the new world of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance. Last year saw over 100,000 individuals reach the status of Bitcoin millionaire.

Platforms like Robinhood and Coinbase onboarded millions to the world of trading stocks and cryptocurrencies. Robinhood added 9.5 million users in the USA alone in 2021. Many found new wealth, while other inexperienced traders did not master trading strategies and struggled.

In January, sales topped $4 billion in a single month for the first time on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace. The appetite for investors in the NFT space is at an all time high. Major celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton have bet their personal brands on NFTs. This shows the power of the decentralized marketplace like never before.

Next, let’s look at another explosive trend in the world: gaming. As of 2021, there were already over 3.2 billion gamers in the world.

While many projects are entering the blockchain space, we are still very early on. The world’s top crypto game per monthly active users on desktop is Alien Worlds, with just over one million monthly active users. In other words, about 0.3% of the gaming population.

Is there a way to bring something new that traders and gamers both want? Is there a way aspiring traders can practice without losing their hard-earned money?

Yes there is, and it’s Ninja Fantasy Trader. Morales and his team are bringing a platform that traders and gamers will both be excited about.

Ninja Fantasy Trader

Ninja Fantasy Trader is a Play-To-Earn trading game. The game will include competitive trading in crypto as well as stocks, forex and commodities.

The game is based in a fantasy metaverse, called TraderLand, which has eight different cities.

Gameplay will feature an in-game cryptocurrency, Ninja Token Coffee ($NTC) which will be a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain.

The in-game characters are ninjas inspired by the world-famous Japanese Samurai warriors. Since they are traders, they are called NFTraders. To play in the game, you need to hold at least one ninja.

Each ninja is also a rare non-fungible token (NFT) with specific characteristics. Unlike traditional games, where the game creator owns all assets, since these are NFTs, the player actually owns the in-game asset. Users will hold their NFT on a digital wallet they have full control over.

The player characters will be allied NFTraders. There will be a special class of NFTraders called Samurais. There will be a total of 31,700 “Samurais” ever available, and 10,144 will be made available at the upcoming pre-sale.

Holders of Samurais will be able to breed other NFTraders which will be called “Seniors” who will have basic skills that are upgradeable.

Holding the player-character will have other benefits such as the ability to earn cryptocurrency through staking and playing the advanced level of gameplay.

And since the game is for traders, including total beginners, holding an NFTrader ninja NFT will also grant access to a VIP membership that will offer trading courses, daily market analysis, trading signals, and access to an online community of thousands of real traders.

3 Game Modes:

Individual Game Play

Paper trading is an excellent tool to bring experience and build confidence for new traders.

The player chooses crypto, stocks, forex or commodities, and they trade for an unlimited amount of time. As their portfolio grows, they can close out their trade and win real crypto in the form of $NTC tokens.

Tournament Play

For those with increased risk-appetite, there is tournament play.

The game is the same, with the difference that many participants can join. The total winnings will grow based on how many players enter, multiplied by the stakes to enter. These are ranked tournaments, based on the success of each participant. The top ranking positions win tokens and NFTs.

Battle Mode

In battle mode, players go one-on-one against an opponent. This is where the highest risk and reward trades exist. Players go head-to-head and wager more NTC tokens than in other games. The winner takes all, and the loser will lose their crypto. Trades last 10 minutes, and the winning portfolio is the winner.

The Marketplace

The other aspect of the game is a metaverse marketplace where real-world digital money is exchanged. In this marketplace, you can:

  • Buy and sell NFTraders
  • Buy upgrades for NFTraders (which allow them to earn more NTC on successful trades)
  • Buy and sell buildings in TraderLand
  • Rent out offices in TraderLand

Let’s Go

Are you ready for engaging gameplay that makes you a better trader so you can earn real crypto and build a passive income stream in the world of GameFi?

Join us across the web and social media here so you don’t miss an announcement:

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