Ninja Fantasy Trader Bi-Weekly Highlight 2

Whitelist Plus NFT Giveaway (March 5th)

Ninja Fantasy Trader Featured on Times Square (March 8th)

Our unique Financial game was in the center of the financial world! Our project was featured on Times Square, a major commercial intersection, tourist destination, and entertainment center in New York City. We posted a video on March 8th via Twitter showcasing our project on one of the giant screens!

Celebrities and top Influencers Endorsed our Project (March 14th)

This was one of the most significant achievements! Martin Kove, who acted in notable action movies such as Rambo: First Blood part II, Cobra Kai, and Karate Kid, endorsed our project! The renowned actor spoke about our launch party and NFT Presale, which went live on March 18th.

Discord Community NFT and Whitelist spots Giveaway (March 16th)

Featured on Trading Academy Magazine (March 15th)

Featured on BSC News, AP News, Yahoo Finance, and More (March 17th)

Twitter Verification (March 17th)

Big Launch Party on Twitch Featuring DJ Alext (March 18th)

NFT Mint Open (March 18th)



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