Ninja Fantasy Trader To Launch with NFT Presale

What NFTs are being launched in the Presale?

What is the Benefit of Samurai NFTs?

How Much Will Samurai’s Cost?

How Do I Sign Up for the Presale?

  • Follow Ninja Fantasy Trader on Twitter.
  • Sign up for the white list on Discord.

What are some Details of NFTraders?

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • IQ
  • Experience
  • Shuriken (Ninja weapon)
  • Score
  • Profit and Loss%
  • Leverage
  • Delay
  • Limit Amount per Trade
  • Trades open at the same time
  • Dominant Assets
  • Bull and Bear Factor
  • Fundamental and Technical Factor
  • Research Points
  • Name
  • Age




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